Vice Review of Dirtbag Anthropology, 2020

NPR interview on Dirtbag Anthropology

Best Up and Coming Comics, Vulture, 2019

“Her fearlessness and tenacity won me over as much as the cleverness of her jokes did.” —The Comic’s Comic, May 2017

“A distinctly personal and feminist perspective on modern life”– Paste Magazine, May 2017

“With a combination of affectionate satire of the Bay Area lifestyle, unflinchingly honest but wildly absurd personal stories, and lucid feminist/queer commentary, Kate Willett has begun to emerge as one of the most unique voices in San Francisco comedy.” –

“Cho also noted that she’s been at this for long enough now to have her own “daughters in comedy,” chief among them Amy Schumer. Another of her daughters, Kate Willett, opened the show with a short set. Sending up the hippy mores of San Francisco and men who watch too much porn, Willett was especially brilliant in her final bit about having a pregnancy scare at Burning Man.” – (review of Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Montreal 2015)

“Kate Willett is a woman on the rise. Willett achieves a perfect blend of smart and filthy when she takes the stage.” —SF Weekly, Artists to Watch in 2016

“Willett takes her weirdness to the stage to challenge ideas about what women can and cannot do.” —KALW interview

Interview in Marin Magazine  Oct. 2015

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