3/2 Comedy Night at Burt’s, Albequerque, NM, 8PM
3/3 Open Source Comedy Club, Albequerque, NM, 8PM
3/4 Open Source Comedy Club, Albequerque, NM, 8PM
3/7 Best of New York Comedy, The Pit, New York, 9:30PM
3/9 Loose, Housing Works Bookstore, New York, 7PM
3/10 Relationshit, QED, Queens, 9:30PM
3/12 Comedy at Beauty Bar, Beauty Bar, New York, 9PM
3/15 Rent Party, Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY, 8PM
3/16 Secret Meeting, The Pine Box, New York, 8PM
3/17 Gentrify, UCB East, New York, 10PM
3/20 Picture This Anniversary Show, The Bell House, 8PM
3/28 The Fancy Show, Dizzy’s, Brooklyn, NY 8:30PM
3/30 Reductress Show, UCB Chelsea, New York 8PM
3/31 Soho House, New York, 8PM
3/31 The Naked Show, The Creek and The Cave, Queens, 8PM