5/2 Hangzhou, China
5/3 Suzhou, China
5/4 Shanghai, China
5/5 Shanghai, China
5/6 Beijing, China
5/9 Starr Bar, Brooklyn, 8PM
5/10 Haha Wow! UCB Chelsea, 8PM
5/10 New York Comedy Club, 9:15PM
5/11 Secret Loft, New York, 8PM
5/12 Good Good Theater, Philadelphia, 8PM
5/13 Sing Sing, New York, 7:30PM
5/13 UCB East, 7:30PM
5/13 Max Fish, 8PM
5/15 Yonkers Comedy Club, 7PM
5/14 New York Comedy Club, 7PM
5/15 Friends and Lovers, 8PM
5/17 Caroline’s on Broadway, New York, 8PM
5/17 Fresh Out! UCB East, 9PM
5/19 Picture This, Union Hall, 8PM
5/23 Caveat, 8PM
5/23 Knitting Factory, 9PM
5/24 Witch Hunt, New York Comedy Club, 8PM
5/25 Snake Oil, Creek and the Cave, midnight
5/29 Late Night Romp, New York, 9PM
5/30 Late Night Romp, New York, 9PM

6/8 Corvallis, Oregon
6/9 Arrowhead, CA Private Event
6/10 Arrowhead, CA Private Event
6/20 Dunwell Donuts, 8PM
6/20 Cherry Tree, New York, 8:30PM
6/27 Punch Line, San Francisco
6/28 Punch Line, San Francisco
6/29 Punch Line, San Francisco
6/30 Punch Line, San Francisco