6/5 Two Boots Pizza, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 8PM
6/7 Earthquake Hurricane, Portland, OR, 8PM
6/8 Corvallis, Oregon
6/9 Arrowhead, CA Private Event
6/10 Arrowhead, CA Private Event
6/11 W Hotel, New York, 8PM
6/12 T-Rex, RAR, Queens, 9PM
6/14 The Standing Room, 8PM
6/14 Frank’s, 8PM
6/15 Green Grape Annex, 8PM
6/15 Live from the Apartment, 8PM
6/19 The Tank, New York, 9:30PM
6/20 Dunwell Donuts, 8PM
6/20 Starr Bar, 8PM
6/20 Cherry Tree, New York, 8:30PM
6/27 Punch Line, San Francisco
6/27 Monarch, San Francisco
6/28 Punch Line, San Francisco
6/29 Punch Line, San Francisco
6/30 Punch Line, San Francisco

7/3 Throckmorton Theater, Mill Valley
7/12 Comedy Under the Artichoke, 8PM
7/13 Cobra Club, Brooklyn, 8PM
7/18 The Cherry Tree, Brooklyn, 8:30PM
7/26 The Emily Wilson Show, 8PM
7/31 Comedy at the Hungry Ghost

8/3 Precious Metal, Brooklyn 8PM
8/4 Branded Saloon, Brooklyn, 8PM
8/6 Side Ponytail, Brooklyn 8PM
8/30 Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA
8/31 Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA


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