11/13 Laugh Factory, Chicago, 8PM
11/14 Tuxedo Cat Comedy, Chicago, 8PM
11/15 Wet Cash Comedy, 4835 N Western Ave., Chicago, 8PM
11/16 Laugh Factory, Chicago, 8PM
11/18 Camp, The Village Tavern, Chicago,  8:30PM
11/19 CHUC, The Beat Kitchen, Chicago, 9PM
11/20 The Punchline, Philadelphia, 8PM (tix)
11/22 Wet Cash, Brooklyn, 8PM
11/27 Carolines, New York, 8PM

12/3 The Stand, NY 9:30
12/8 Hart Bar, Brooklyn, 8PM
12/10 Wild Things, Secret Loft,  8:30PM
12/13 The Velv, Austin, TX
12/14 The Velv, Austin, TX
12/15 Caveat, New York, 9PM
12/18 The Stand, New York, 8PM

1/31 Cinema Arts Theater, Long Island, NY 8PM

3/20 Asheville, NC
3/21 Asheville, NC




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