“One of the strongest female figures in Bay Area Comedy” –Dana Sitar, SF Weekly

“She’s a great actress within the joke, which is usually the left out secret ingredient in explicating dark humor…Kate Willett is beyond a doubt top-notch in comedy writing, execution and overall presentation.” — Steven Alan Green, Jewish Journal of the Greater Los Angeles Area

“Taut, spry, dashing, deadpan.” –

Kate Willett is a San Francisco based comedian, storyteller, writer, and actor. San Francisco Magazine says she’s a comedian you should know about.She’s a regular at the San Francisco Punchline, Cobb’s, The Improv, SF Sketchfest and basically every dive bar and theater in town. She’s performed with some of her favorite comedians including Anthony Jeselnik, Maria Bamford, Andy Haynes, Jackie Kashian,and a whole bunch more.She hosts The Mission Position, the Comikaze Lounge, and Live at Deluxe.



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